• Modern software in education industry

  • Arizona State University has 70,000 students enrolled annually, which is a high enrollment rate among U.S. institutions. Michael Crow, who is president of the university, called his institution "the new American university", choosing a strategy of active introduction of technological innovations in the field of mobile and electronic education. Back in 2011 the experiment on introduction of adaptive learning began, in which Knewton took part, and also its partner - the company Pearson, which is a giant among paid educational services. Preliminary results of the experiment showed that the results have improved by 18%. So, it is possible to draw a conclusion about the benefits of custom e-learning solutions.
    It also should be noted the experience of introduction of mobile technologies in the education system. For the last several years a number of technologies have been introduced.


    • cloud storage for publications of mobile educational resources;
    • the environment of development of mobile multiformat educational materials;
    • creation of the official channel on the portal YouTube for placing video clips;
    • software for participation in webinars;
    • developing educational materials on mobile devices in office applications.
    • With the help of education software solutions, teachers have a wide range of opportunities ranging from creating multimedia, interactive courses designed for use not only on personal computers, but also on mobile devices. This range of software allows students to view and listen to video and slide lectures on their smartphones, tablets at any time and in any place for an unlimited number of times. And after getting acquainted with the training course students have an opportunity to evaluate their received knowledge by passing the testing. So e-learning development is an interesting and useful area.

    Advantages of the applications used

    • intuitive interface;
    • convenient library of educational materials;
    • instant access to selected materials;
    • offline course browsing.


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